Saturday, November 17, 2007

ESA coming to a SAP stack near you

Agassi highlighted several recent improvements within the NetWeaver technology stack. The company introduced new business intelligence (BI) capabilities, due in shipments of NetWeaver next year. Agassi said this new search technology can provide query response times that are 10 times quicker than similar tools because they are tied to the NetWeaver stack. He said customers with high data volumes or a large number of simultaneous requests are the most likely to benefit from it.

SAP also announced enhancements to its Master Data Management technology, a NetWeaver add-on option -- a new object modeling framework that allows users to create their own objects and new Web services capabilities.

"By 2007, the whole application stack will be ESA-enabled," Agassi said. "No one else is going to be able to do that."

The 2004 release of NetWeaver, which has been available since March, includes seven components: Auto-ID Infrastructure, BI, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP XI (exchange infrastructure), Master Data Management, Mobile Infrastructure and SAP's Web Application Server. SAP also announced new NetWeaver technology for running Java applications. In May, SAP made .NET connectivity to NetWeaver a centerpiece of its annual Sapphire user event, and SAP executives at this week's TechEd continued to play up NetWeaver's "Switzerland" approach, emphasizing its neutrality in the .NET and Java war as a key competitive advantage.

Agassi told the crowd of about 10,000 users that they must focus on two broader skill sets -- consolidation and composite application building. "If you don't consolidate the junk you have today, you'll never be able to leverage it, " Agassi said.

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