Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Exporting the BW Certificate


The BW certificate must be generated in and exported from the BW system so that it can be imported into the portal afterwards. The BW certificate is needed in the portal so that portal contents can be displayed in SAP BW.

The various scenarios are described in detail from a security viewpoint under Structure linkSecurity.


You have set up Single Sign-On. For more information, see Maintaining Single Sign-On.


1. Start the transaction Trust Manager for Single Sign-On with Logon Ticket (transaction STRUSTSSO2).

2. Choose your certificate. Your own certificate is located in the System PSE area in the Own Certificate field. When you double click on the field value, the certificate is displayed in the Certificate area. You can proceed with step 3 once the certificate appears in that area.


If your own certificate is not available, generate a certificate using create in the context menu of system PSE and distribute it using PSE ® Distribute All to all application servers for the BW system. There may be a time delay when distributing the certificate. If necessary, check whether the certificate has been successfully distributed.

3. In the menu, choose Certificate ® Export.

4. Enter the file path _certificate.crt ( is the system ID of the BW system).

5. Choose Binary as the file format.

The file _certificate.crt is used for the step Import BW Certificate in the settings in SAP EP 6.0.


You can look at the _certificate.crt file using Windows Explorer.

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