Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maintaining Single Sign-On


You need Single Sign-On tickets (SSO tickets) that are generated in the BW system to include portal content in the BEx Web Application Designer. In order to call BEx Web Applications in the portal, the BW system has to accept SSO tickets from the portal.

This setting is required for all integration scenarios (see Structure linkIntegration from the Viewpoint of Administrators and Authors). The various scenarios are described in detail from a security viewpoint under Structure linkSecurity.


1. Install SAPSECULIB on each application server of the BW system to use Single Sign-On (SSO).


It is not necessary to install the SSO software on the client PC.

2. Set the following profile parameter using the Maintaining Profiles transaction (transaction code RZ10):

¡ login/create_sso2_ticket=2

The profile parameter generates SSO tickets in the BW system that are required for communication from SAP BW 3.5 to SAP EP 6.0. The value 2 means that the certificate is self-signed.

¡ login/accept_sso2_ticket=1

The profile parameter means that the BW system accepts SSO tickets from other systems (for example, from portals) if the certificate has been imported (see Importing Portal Certificates).

For more information, see Structure linkUsing Logon Tickets and SAP Note 354819.


A check is only possible after all security settings have been completed.

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