Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Confirm Alerts and Create Service Desk Messages in Solution Manager


Confirm processed alerts or create Service Desk messages for specified alerts.


You have resolved the alert in your satellite system.

You are in the check of the alerts which you want to confirm, in the Business Process MONITORING session.

You have asigned the role SAP_SOL_SERVTRANS_CREATE to the user, to create Service Desk messages.


Confirm Alerts


· Individual alert

a. Set the Alert Handled flag in the Select column.

b. Choose Confirm.

c. Save.

· Selected by alert rating

§ ...

¡ all yellow alerts

i. Choose Confirm All Yellow.

ii. Save.

¡ all red alerts

§ ...

iii. Choose Confirm All Red.

iv. Save.


§ You can sort the alerts by decreasing rating, by double-clicking on a field in the Rating column.

§ ...

Create Service Desk Message


1. Set the Alert flag in the Select column.

2. Choose the Create Notification pushbutton.

A dialog box appears.

3. Enter the required data, and the text of your Service Desk message.

4. Choose the Create Message pushbutton.

The system writes the Service Desk message number in the Support Message column.


§ If the message is relevant for more than one alert, copy the message number into the relevant row of the alert.

§ To edit the message:

i. Double-click on the message number.

You go to the Service Desk screen.

ii. Choose Display/Change Trans.

iii. Enter a text.

iv. Save your data.

v. Go Back.

§ To refresh the status of the Service Desk message, choose Refresh Message Status.

5. Save.

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