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Maintaining User Assignments in BIW


You use the user assignments to assign a user in the BW system to a user in the portal.

User assignment depends on the logon method that is specified in Create a BW System in the Portal . With the UIDPW logon method, the user assignment must always be maintained because the password is required for a successful logon. This is also valid for identical technical user names.

With the SAPLOGONTICKET logon method, the user assignment is not necessary if the technical user name in the portal is identical with the technical user names in the BW system. With differing technical user names, user assignment is also necessary with the SAPLOGONTICKET logon method, especially when the scenario Structure linkPublishing to the Enterprise Portal.

For more information about central user management, see Configuring User Management.

In SAP EP 5.0 user assignments are only used to link a user in SAP EP with a user in SAP BW. With the integration of SAP EP 6.0 with SAP BW 3.5 user assignment is also used to link a user in SAP BW with a user in SAP EP (inverse user assignment). For this reason, unique assignments are required for both directions. Thus several users in SAP EP cannot be assigned to the same user in SAP BW.

BEx Information Broadcasting uses the bw_service user in SAP EP. You must either create a user bw_service in SAP BW or maintain a user assignment for bw_service to another user in SAP BW. The service user bw_service is automatically created in SAP EP when there is a call from SAP BW to SAP EP. For example, this happens when the setting step Creating an RFC Destination for SAP EP 6.0 is checked. The user bw_service may not be created manually in SAP EP. Ensure that the user bw_service, like all users, has at least read authorization for the BW system in the portal system landscape.

For more information, see Structure linkSecurity.


Assigning Read Authorization

First ensure that all portal users that use information broadcasting at least have read authorization for the BW system created in the portal.

1. Start the iView System Administration ® System Configuration ® System Landscape.

2. Navigate to the previously created system, open the context menu and choose Open ®Authorizations.

3. Search for the user or the user group or role, add it and issue read authorization.

Assigning Users


1. Log on to the portal.

2. Start the iView User Management ® User Assignments.

3. From the dropdown box, choose User.

4. Enter a user or select Start for All Users.

5. Choose Start.

6. Choose a user and choose Edit.

7. Choose the system alias of the BW system (see Creating BW Systems in the Portal).

8. Enter the technical user name in BW.

9. Enter the appropriate password.

10. Save your entries.

11. Once user assignments have been you have to restart the SAP Enterprise Portal.


You can also alternatively create the portal user bw_service with the same name in user management of the SAP BW (transaction code SU01). On the Logon Data tab pave, ensure that the user has a Service user type.

Alternatively, in the SAP Enterprise Portal, you can create a user assignment for the portal user bw_service on a BW user with a different name. This also has to have a Service user type.

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