Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Setting Up the Mail Server


If you want to distribute business intelligence content using e-mail, you have to set up the mail server in the SAP Web Application Server.


1. In the BW system, choose the transaction SAPconnect: Administration (system status) (transaction SCOT).

2. Check the status of the node SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol):

¡ The node SMTP does not exist:

To create the node, in the menu, choose Node ® Create. Specify a node ID and a description.

¡ The node SMTP is not active:

To activate the node, in the menu, choose Node ® Change. Select the field Node in Operation.

3. In the menu, choose Node ® Change. The screen SAPconnect: General Node Data opens. Ensure that the following values are defined:

¡ Mail Host: for example, (localhost is generally not a valid mail host because both a mail server and SAP Application Server are generally not installed on a PC at the same time)

¡ Mail Port: Standard value for SMTP is 25

¡ Code page: Standard values are 1100 or 1140

¡ Supported address types

Select the Internet field and choose Setup. The screen SAPconnect: Address Type for Node opens. Enter * in the address area.

4. To maintain the standard domain, in the menu, choose Settings ® Default Domain and enter the appropriate value (for example, for e-mail addresses, such as

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