Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Set-Up Interface Monitoring in Solution Manager


You want to determine which interfaces are to be monitored.

You can be informed of errors automatically, with a detailed solution procedure, to ensure prompt handling of errors:

  • Interface monitoring
  • Error handling with analysis tools
  • Contact persons
  • Escalation paths


You have:

· created a solution.

· set up RFC connections between your SAP Solution Manager and your satellite system.

· specified interfaces between your systems.



1. specify monitor objects for the interfaces

2. Set-up interface monitoring.

a. Start the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.

b. Choose Solution Monitoring ® Business Process Monitoring, in the Operations Setup area.

c. Choose Set-Up Business Process Monitoring.

You go to Change Mode: SMO: Business Process Management.

Perform the following checks in change mode:

i. Interface Monitoring check

ii. Specify analysis and monitoring tools

iii. Monitoring activities

iv. Create Service Desk messages

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