Saturday, November 17, 2007


DEFINITION - NetWeaver is an application builder from SAP for integrating business processes and databases from a number of sources while exploiting the leading Web services technologies. Part of the company's mySAP product group, NetWeaver is getting a lot of industry attention as the first fully interoperable Web-based cross-application platform that can be used to develop not only SAP applications but others as well. NetWeaver allows a developer to integrate information and processes from geographically dispersed locations using diverse technologies, including Microsoft's .NET, IBM's WebSphere and Sun's Java technologies.

NetWeaver has been tagged as a product that could help spur industry adoption of Web services. Although Web services are often seen as the development model of the future, the implementation rate has not been high, often because of competition and incompatibility between enabling products. At a January 2003 press conference, Microsoft's Bill Gates anticipated that NetWeaver would increase the adoption rate of Web services.

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