Saturday, November 17, 2007

Defining Source System in BI 7.0

BI 7.0 Source System Definition for Source System with Basis Release lower than 640 is quite different.

As of release 640, you can use upper and lower case characters for user passwords. This is only uppercase characters for previous releases. Remember that your passwords are automatically converted to uppercase in previous releases.

As BI System has Basis 700 in bottom, upper and lower case passwords are important.

So, for defining source system is almost same as ordinary BW source System definitions.

One more important thing is that you have to take into account the EDI Ports. This may cancel your system definition if the settings are not correct. This settings must be controlled on both BI and Source System.

Here are the steps to configure Source System with Basis Relase lower than 640 in BI 70:

1. Take a look at table EDIPORT of your BW system and note the next free number for the field "Port". This is the adjacent number of the highest entry like 'A0000000123' for example. In this case e.g. take '124'.

2. Choose transaction "snum" and object "ediport".

Select "number ranges" from the menu "Goto" and here the button "status".

Change the CURRENT NUMBER of the ranges to the next free number you noted from table EDIPORT.

If the number range of your BW system is correct please check the same in your OLTP system.

3. Call TCODE RSA1 on BI System in BI Client.

4. Select Source Systems on Left Menu

5. Left Click SAP System and Choose Create

6. Important think is, as source system has Basis Release Lower than 640, You have to give All Passwords (For BI ALEREMOTE User and for Source System ALEREMOTE User) in UPPERCASE.

My Favourite is giving RFCCPIC for ALEREMOTE Passwords.

7. It Must Be OK.

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