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Start of UME Service Failed in SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1

Problem Description

A fatal error occurs: the start of a core service failed. The SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) does not start.

The engine does not start. An error in the user management log file indicates that this is related to the UME service. For example:

UMEServiceFrame: Initialization of UME persistence failed

Scenario Type:

Error analysis

NetWeaver Component:

Security Service (BC-JAS-SEC)


SAP NetWeaver 2004 or higher

Decision Roadmap


User with administrator rights

Main Tools

Log Viewer

Config Tool


Look at the defaultTrace.trc trace file. There is an explicit stack trace explaining why the user management engine (UME) was not able to start.

Solution Hints


Persistence settings are not correct

This is the most common problem. Look for a persistence exception in the trace file. This indicates that the persistence settings for UME are not correct or have changed. It is also possible that back-end systems like the AS ABAP or LDAP are not accessible.

To check the connection settings, activate the emergency user so you can reconfigure the connection settings for the data source.

More information: Activating the Emergency User

User or group data is missing

Make sure the default administrator is a member of the default administrators group and that guest user is a member of the guest user group. If these users or groups are missing, the AS Java cannot start.

More information:

Standard Users

Standard User Groups

Use one of the following methods to check for the default users and groups:

Activate the emergency user and check the data source.

When you have finished, change these settings back again and restart the server.

Access the data source directly and check for the default users and groups.

For Database only

Use a database query tool and access the database of the AS Java. Select the entries in the table UME_STRINGS. (Select * from UME_STRINGS where ATTR like uniquename).


Check that the administrator and guest users for the LDAP exist.


Use transaction SU01 in the AS ABAP system and search for the users and groups.

A required service failed

If one or more required services failed to start, such as connector, dbpool, timeout, or configuration adapter, the UME service cannot start either. Look for a message in the defaultTrace.trc, such as:

Error: Service dbpool failed to start

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