Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ProcedureAssign a System to a Product/Change Product Version in Solution Manager


After upgrading manually-created systems, which are not automatically updated, you can assign another product or product version to a system, e.g. you change the product assignment of the system when upgrading from R/3 4.6C to R/3 Enterprise 4.7.

Note Note

Automatically-captured systems can appear more than once in the landscape components, if your components cannot be assigned automatically, unambiguously to a product, e.g. the automatic data capture cannot determine whether SAP APO or SAP BW is installed in a system. In this case, the system appears under both SAP APO and SAP BW in the Solution Manager System Landscape. Flag one product as leading. (Item 4).

End of the note.
  1. Choose Other Object....

  2. Specify the system.

  3. Choose Installed Product Versions.

  4. Choose the new product data from the possible entries help.


    If the new product/product version is not in the possible entries help, set the Free Product/Product Version Selection flag and enter the product data.


    If an automatically-determined system is assigned to several products, set the Leading Product Version flag for a product.

  5. Save your entries and choose Continue.

    The system is shown in the new position with the landscape components, at the left-hand side.

  6. If the instances of the system have already been maintained for another product, you can copy them for the new system:

    1. Select the main instance of the product in the overview tree, and go to the Instances tab.

    2. Choose Copy Instances.

    3. Choose an Instance.

    4. Save your selection.

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