Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Set-Up Automatic Data Capture for System Landscape

You set-up automatic data capture from the Transport Management System (TMS) and the System Landscape Directory (SLD), to collect system data for the Solution Manager system landscape. With this data, the SAP Solution Manager can automatically get server, database and system data.


  • To use the Transport Management System (TMS):

    • You have assigned the Solution Manager to a transport domain, in the Transport Management System (STMS)

    • Or you have defined the Solution Manager system as the new domain controller in the Transport Management System.

  • To use the System Landscape Directory (SLD):

    You have set-up the System Landscape Directory (SLD).


  1. Choose the transaction Set-Up System Landscape (SMSY_SETUP).

  2. Select the source for automatic data capture.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    Select the System Landscape Directory (SLD) as data source, if SLD is set-up in your system landscape.

    • The Transport Management System (TMS) gets only system names, clients and software components in the system, for systems in the transport domain.

    • To get additional data about servers and databases, set-up RFC connections from the Solution Manager to the satellite systems.

    • By default, SLD gets system names, clients, software components in the systems, servers and databases, independently of the transport domain.

    For further information, see System Landscape Directory in the SAP Library.

  3. To make SLD settings, choose  Edit  Expert Settings  :

    1. To read data from several System Landscape Directories (SLD), specify the value X for the option Several SLD Servers.

    2. If you use Adaptive Computing, specify the value A for the option Write Data into SLD.

  4. Choose Schedule Automatic Data Transfer.

  5. Enter the start date in the next screen. You can choose whether the job runs once or periodically.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    We recommend daily.

    For further information, see Efects of Automatic Data Capture.

  6. Save your entries.

    The system puts your data in the initial screen.


  • The Solution Manager collects the system data automatically at the specified time, or periodically, and displays it in the Solution Manager System Landscape (transaction SMSY).

    After data collection, the automatically identifiable systems and servers are visible in the Solution Manager System Landscape.

  • You can then switch automatic synchronization of system data between Solution Manager and SAP Support Portal, on or off.

  • The system logs each data transfer. You can call the logs with  Logs  Update Logs  , in the transactions Set-Up System Landscape (SMSY_SETUP) and Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY).

    Note Note

    To delete data transfer logs:

    1. Choose  Logs  Update Logs  Delete  in the transaction Set-Up System Landscape (SMSY_SETUP) or Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY).

    2. Choose the options.

    3. Choose Execute.

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