Thursday, June 11, 2009

Security Service Startup Fails in SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1

Problem Description

A failure in the security service startup prevents SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java from starting.

Scenario Type:

Error analysis

(configuration, connectivity)

NetWeaver Component:

Security Service (BC-JAS-SEC)


SAP NetWeaver 2004 or higher

Possible Error Sources

The security service cannot access the guest user account.

Decision Roadmap


User with administrator rights

Main Tools

Log Viewer


Look for the following error in the stack trace with the log viewer. See the file \usr\sap\\JC\j2ee\cluster\server\defaultTrace..trc:

Anonymous principal not configured

This error indicates the user management engine (UME) was not able to access the configured guest (anonymous) user during startup.

Solution Hints:


1. Ensure the UME and especially the connectivity between the UME and its data source is working properly.

2. Verify that the configured guest user actually exists in the persistent repository.

¡ If the UME data source is an LDAP directory or the database of the AS Java, you can try resetting the UME property ume.login.guest_user.uniqueids to the default value, guest.

¡ If the UME data source is an AS ABAP, you can try setting the UME property ume.login.guest_user.uniqueids to default value for AS ABAP systems.

More information: Standard Users

If an ABAP stack is used as the data source of the UME, then check whether the file defaultTrace..trc contains any messages with the string RFC. If you find such a message, it contains a detailed description of the reason why some operation failed, for example, the AS ABAP was not started or the configured guest user does not exist. If the UME uses another data source option, then also check the file defaultTrace..trc for the error message of the security service startup, which should contain a similar message.

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