Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Generate RFC Connections in Solution Manager

RFC connections to the component systems are a prerequisite for the following Solution Manager functions:

  • Generate Project IMGs in the Project Administration

  • Go to the component systems in the Configuration phase

  • Customizing Synchronization (Synchronization Group Editor, Customizing Scout, Customizing Distribution)

  • Read system data via the Service Data Control Center

  • Monitor change requests (Change Management)

You can only generate RFC connections for ABAP-based main instances.


  • You are authorized to logon to the target system and create a user there. You are also authorized to create RFC connections of type Trusted System connection, in the local and target systems, if required.

  • The satellite systems are reachable.

  • The message servers are reachable under the name and system number specified in the Header Data tab.

  • If you use routers, or you must specify the Distributed Name Service name (DNS name) to generate an RFC connection, in your network, the generation of RFC connections has the following prerequisites:

    • You have created the satellite system message server as a server, in the Solution Manager Sstem Lndscape, and specified routing information for it.

    • You have specified this server as the message server when you created its system.

  • You are in the Solution Manager System Landscape transaction (SMSY), and have saved your last change.

  • The system for which you want to generate RFC destinations, is not flagged as Planned.


You can:

  • Assign an existing RFC destination to a client with Assign and Check RFC Destinations.

  • Generate RFC destinations for your component systems

    For further information, see Generate New RFC Connections.

  • Change existing RFC connections.

    For further information, see Change Existing RFC Connections.

  • Delete RFC destinations.

    For further information, see Delete RFC Destinations.

  • Resolve RFC Generation Errors

    For further information, see Resolve RFC Generation Errors.


The system shows the RFC connections generated, on the Clients tab.

Give the users which RFC connections to the component systems want to use, the appropriate authorization in the component systems and in the Solution Manager system. Recreate the authorization profile, if necessary. For further information about the authorization objects and profiles required, see:

  • the SAP Solution Manager configuration guide

  • System Settings for Customizing Distribution and Scout, for Customizing Synchronization.

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