Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager supports you throughout the entire life-cycle of your solutions, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration to production processing. It provides central access to tools, methods and preconfigured contents which you can use during evaluation, implementation and operational processing of your systems.


Implementing and Upgrading SAP Solutions
  • Central access to all tools for your project (Project Administration, Business Blueprint, Configuration, Test Workbench, create Group Rollout templates)

  • Central management of all information for your Project (roadmaps, system landscape, project documentation)

  • Compare and synchronize customizing in different SAP components

Solution Monitoring
  • Central System administration

  • Analysis of your system landscape with Service Level Reporting

  • Real-time System Monitoring

  • Business process monitoring

Services and Support

Access to programs and Services to monitor and optimize the performance and availability of your system landscapes, and minimize risks when running your systems

Service Desk

Solution support with workflow to Create and Process Problem Messages

Change Management

Manage change requests, with workflow to trace and audit changes and transports in your system landscape with Change Request Management.

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