Friday, June 12, 2009

Function documentationSNC - Secure Network Communication

SNC is used to make network connections using the Internet, in particular WAN connections, secure. It provides reliable authentication as well as encryption of the data to be transferred.

SAProuter allows SNC connections to be set up. The route permission table can be used to specify precisely whether SNC connections are allowed, and if so, which ones.


See the following documentation for a detailed description of how to use SNC in the SAP environment: Secure Network Communications (SNC).


You are using at least version 30 of SAProuter, and have configured SNC using the relevant guide.

The following are prerequisites for setting up an SNC connection between two SAProuters:

  • Both SAProuters must have been started with option -K (IBM i: '-K '). These names ensure the authenticity of a host.

  • There must be a KT entry in the route permission table of the source host. This causes the connection to the target host to use the SNC layer.

  • There must be a KP entry in both route permission tables, allowing the connection.


To set up an SNC connection between two SAProuters, you need to start them using the option -K and configure the route permission table appropriately.

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