Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Automatic Data Capture in Solution Manager

You cannot manually edit all data in servers, databases and systems which was captured automatically. You can neither delete automatically-captured landscape elements, nor change their automatically-captured data. You can enhance this data.

To be able to edit all data in these landscape elements manually, set the data source to manual maintenance.

Update automatically-captured data

You can choose whether the system automatically overwrites manually-created data, or informs you when newer data is available. In the latter case, the last person to change the data to be updated gets an express mail. The obsolete data is flagged in the Solution Manager System Landscape with an exclamation mark. You can compare the data and choose to copy the new data.

Temporarily unavailable data

If data for instances in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) is temporarily not available, or a system is currently not reachable by RFC, e.g. because an instance is in maintenance, the Solution Manager automatically sets the Inactive flag in the Instances tab. When the instance is available again, the Solution Manager clears the flag. You can analyze this flag in the analyses.

If the instance is permanently unavailable, delete it manually.

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