Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Set-up Possible Entries Help for Landscape Component Attributes in Solution Manager


You can use existing possible entries help in your system for user-defined attributes. You can, for example, set-up a list of your system administrators as possible entries help for the attribute „Person Responsible“, which you have defined.

You can set-up possible entries help for an attribute by specifying an existing values table or search help when you define the attribute. You can also define all the possible entries yourself.

When a user calls the possible entries help, the system first checks whether a value table and/or search help was specified when the attribute was defined. If so, the possible entries are the entries in the value table or search help.

If no value table or search help was specified, the system fills the possible entries help with the values specified individually in the attribute definition. If no values were specified, there is no possible entries help.


You are in the Solution Manager System Landscape transaction (SMSY).

You have defined at least one landscape component attribute.



1. Choose Utilities ® Attribute Definitions.

2. Switch to change mode.

3. Choose an attribute.

4. To use existing value tables and search help, you can either:

a. Enter a table name in the Value Table field,

b. Enter a field name from this table in the Values Field field.



a. Specify a search help in the Search Help Name field.

b. Specify the return parameter for this search help in the Search Help Field field.

If you only specify the search help name, the system shows the first parameter of the search help in the search help.

5. To define the possible entries help values for an attribute yourself:

a. Choose Possible Entries Help in the dialog structure.

b. Choose New Entries.

c. Enter the required data.

The system also shows text which you enter in the Description column in the attribute possible entries help. This text is language-dependent.

6. Save your entries.

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