Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adjust Roles and Profiles in Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager Security Guide contains information about the roles and profiles delivered with the SAP Solution Manager.

Before you assign SAP standard roles and profiles to users, copy and specify them.

SAP delivers roles and profiles with default values. If they are missing, you must set the values in the authorization objects yourself. Proceed as follows:


1. Load the roles/profiles from client 000 into your target client. You can:

Transport client 000 into your target client (roles and profiles)

Upload und Download (for roles in transaction PFCG)

RFC connection in transaction PFCG (for roles; menu path: MENU ® READ FROM OTHER SYSTEM WITH RFC). In this case, you must have set-up the RFC connection (transaction SM59).

2. Copy the roles/profiles into your namespace.

a. Choose Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG).

b. Enter a role name and choose Copy Role.

c. Enter the name of the new role in the To Role field.

d. Choose Copy All.

e. Save.

3. Complete missing values in the authorization objects.

a. Choose the Authorizations tab.

b. Choose Change Authorization Data.

c. Enter your own values for the authorization objects, or double-click on the yellow traffic light.

The authorization objects appear with a green traffic light.


When you double-click on the yellow traffic light, the value “*” appears. This grants full authorization for this field of the authorization object.

e. Save.

f. Generate the authorization profile.

4. Assign the role to users.

a. Choose the Users tab.

b. Enter the user names.

c. Choose User Adjustment.

d. Save.

You can also assign the roles to the users, in the user maintenance (transaction SU01).


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