Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Define and Edit System Roles in Solution Manager


You can define ten user system roles in addition to the existing system roles. The system flags SAP and user system roles with icons.


Define/change system roles

Choose Utilities ® System Settings ® System Rolestab, to change user-defined system roles or define new system roles. You can change system role types, or their sequence, for the SAP Change Manager, e.g. as subsequent system in a transport path.

The new/changed system roles are displayed in the Project Administration ® System Landscape tab ® Systems tab, and in all role selection possible entries help in the Solution Manager, except: The unchanged system roles from the client definition are displayed in the role selection possible entries help for ABAP-based main instances, in the Clients tab in the Solution Manager System Landscape.

Delete system roles

If your user-defined system roles are used in your system landscape, you can change their names, but not delete them.

You can neither change nor delete SAP system roles.

Transport system roles

You can transport system roles with the Transport pushbutton.

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