Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Create and Assign Landscape Component Attributes in Solution Manager

You create attributes for servers, databases, systems, system components and main instances, to be able to assign additional properties to them, e.g. hardware attribute information or the person responsible for a system.


You are in the Solution Manager System Landscape transaction (SMSY).


Define Landscape Component Attributes


1. Choose Utilities ® Attribute Definitions.

2. Switch to change mode.

3. Choose New Entries.

4. Assign an attribute key in the customer namespace, i.e. beginning with Y or Z.

5. Enter the required data.

6. Specify the landscape component for which the attribute is to apply.

7. Set-up possible entries help for the landscape component attribute values.

8. Save your entries.

The system displays the newly-defined attributes of the landscape components, in the Other Attributes tab.

Assign values to the attributes of a landscape component


1. Choose a landscape component.

2. Choose a value for the attribute from the possible entries help for the Attribute Value column in the Other Attributes tab.

3. Save the changes.


You can display the assignment of attributes to landscape components, graphically, in the overview tree, under Overviews.

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