Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prepare Projects and Solutions

This process satisfies the prerequisites of the SAP Solution Manager.


  • To create the Solution Manager system landscape, you need authorization for the authorization object S_SMSYEDIT.

  • To create system components, you need authorization for the authorization object S_SMSYSYST.

  • To specify RFC connections, you have the authorizations required in the Solution Manager system and the satellite systems.


  1. Set-up automatic data capture for the system landscape, to read server, database and system data from the System Landscape Directory or the Landscape Information System, automatically.

  2. Specify your system landscape in the Solution Manager System Landscape (transaction SMSY):

    1. Create systems or add the data to get systems automatically. The following system information is obligatory, to be able to generate RFC connections to this system:

      • Message server

      • Installation number

    2. Generate RFC connections to your systems or assign existing RFC connections to them.

    3. Combine related systems into logical components, e.g. the evaluation, development and test systems of a product, for an implementation project.


You have set-up the system landscape to use the SAP Solution Manager.

You create projects or solutions and assign the logical components to the projects or solutions which you have created with this process.

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