Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Solution Manager System Landscape

You capture and manage the system landscape centrally in the Solution Manager, and use it in your implementation and template projects, in Change Management, Customizing Synchronization (Customizing Scout, Customizing Distribution), and in operational processing (Solution Monitoring, Services, Service Desk).


The system landscape is the basis for using the SAP Solution Manager.


  • Create landscape components (server, databases, systems, system components)

  • Definition of non-SAP products for use in the system landscape maintenance

  • Automatic data read and save via ABAP main instances

  • Overview of system groups

  • Generation of RFC destinations to component systems; RFC connection errors are logged

  • Manual data capture, e.g. servers, non-ABAP and planned systems

  • Graphic display

    • Landscape components (servers, databases, systems)

    • Assign attributes to landscape components

  • Analysis of system landscape by components

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