Monday, December 10, 2007

XI: New book: Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP XI

Despite the new ways of exchanging business data via Web Services (SOAP), XML files, etc.
IDOCs (Intermediate Documents) exchange is still the most popular integration technology
if you're using SAP R/3, ERP software. IDOC scenarios became even more popular since you can
use them with SAP Exchange Infrastructure (also called Process Integration).
Exchange Infrastructure (XI) allows to use IDOC scenarios with all new kinds of interfaces:
You can expose an IDOC interface via a Web Service or map a JDBC call to an IDOC interface
and the other way round: post the data from the IDOC to a Web Service call.

Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP XI


Together with my friend Michal Kowalczewski we wrote a book about IDOC business
integration and the use of the Exchange Infrastructure. In this book you will find
many ready to use business scenarios like:

- sending a Pucharse Order via IDOC

- receiving a Sales Order via IDOC

- sending Deliveries, Invoices

You will not only find information from the technical point of view
(partner profiles, output determination or message control) but also
from the business point of view (how to configure your info record to add
vendor material numbers to the IDOC for example). The second part of the book concentrates
on the use of XI with IDOC scenarios. You will find step by step guides
on sending and receiving IDOCs via Exchange Infrastructure and almost all possible
techniques on processing them inside Exchange Infrastructure like:

- IDOC tunelling,

- Event Driven IDOC processing

- IDOC bundling

- IDOC mapping examples (Graphical Message Mapping, XSLT, User defined functions)

- and many, many more

Every scenario provides configuration examples for Exchange Infrastructure
for beginners but also many details for more advanced Exchange Infrastructure developers and architects.

Hope you will find the information from the book useful and will refere to it many times.

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