Thursday, December 20, 2007

Enhance Web Analyzer in SAP NetWeaver 2004s for Added Flexibility

You can enhance BEx Web Analyzer to meet specific business requirements. One popular enhancement adds a toolbar button to open the variable screen dialog where you can adjust filter values.

Key Concept
BEx Web Analyzer is a Web-based tool that performs ad hoc analysis in SAP NetWeaver BI environments. Web Analyzer helps minimize the footprint for query development because business users can use Web Analyzer for ad hoc scenarios without building lots of queries.

SAP NetWeaver 2004s provides expanded functionality for tools such as BEx Web Analyzer, so in many cases, customers use Web Analyzer out of the box. Still, some companies face unique or complicated requirements for which they may choose to enhance Web Analyzer.

I’ll explain how to make an enhancement in SAP NetWeaver 2004s that adds a button for variable screens where users can specify their filter values. This button takes users back to the variable screen from Web Analyzer. You also can make similar enhancements with BW 3.x.

Although this is a simple enhancement, I’ve had many customers ask about it. You can achieve this functionality through the context menu, but a button on the toolbar is more intuitive. If it is important to your customers to use variable screens often, then this might be a good option. If you are not using a lot of variables in your BI reports, this enhancement may not be for you. Keep in mind that this example illustrates how to enhance the template, and that you can use a similar process for building your own enhancements.

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