Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Add Custom Fields to a Fixed Asset

Enhance fixed asset master data in your SAP ERP system by activating a user exit and creating a custom screen. You then can track additional characteristics of a fixed asset to report on and comply with industry- or country-specific requirements.

Key Concept

User exits allow users to add functionality to SAP’s standard program logic without having to modify the original code. SAP delivers more than 2,000 exits that users can later activate. They don’t conflict with standard SAP source code and are upward compatible.

As a way to make their master data more relevant, many users attempt to enhance it with attributes such as classification or reporting designations, while others want to make changes to serve industry-specific functions, such as US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements in the industry solutions (IS)-pharmaceutical solution.

The methods for enhancing master data in different modules vary because each module has unique requirements. I’ll show you a four-step process for addressing Asset Accounting (FI-AA) reporting and compliance-driven requirements. With this better design for your master data, you can add custom fields to the FI-AA master record.

You add the fields by populating the desired fields in table ANLU and writing simple ABAP code to transfer the contents of each custom field. You then add the fields to a master data screen using SAP’s Screen Painter and perform some simple configuration to modify the master data screen layout. This process, which applies to both R/3 and SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) systems, helps solve compliance issues such as the FDA industry requirements I mentioned. Before I go into more detail about implementing this enhancement, I first need to explain a common definition for a user field as it relates to FI-AA.

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