Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SAP E-Commerce for mySAP CRM: Integrate Your E-Commerce Channel into Your Order Management Processes

With SAP E-Commerce for mySAP CRM, you can extend your CRM business processes to the Internet. This provides customers with a consistent experience on the Web for sales and self-services and allows you to integrate your e-commerce channel into your order management processes.

Key Concept
SAP provides standard JavaServer Pages (JSP) templates for SAP E-Commerce that you can use in either business-to-consumer or business-to-business scenarios. JSPs provide a way to display dynamic content on the Web using simple Java programming. The end result is an HTML page that presents a layout with Java code and performs the required processing for, say, a database query or filling blank input fields.

Online customers have high expectations for e-commerce sites. They want full, accurate product information, recommendations that are based on preferences and prior purchasing history, and reliable processes for delivery and payment. Online customers also expect to be recognized regardless of the channel through which they interact with the selling company.

To meet these expectations, SAP E-Commerce for mySAP CRM extends functionality from mySAP CRM to the Internet, creating an online sales and interaction channel for both business customers and consumers. SAP E-Commerce, which is part of mySAP CRM, uses the business data and business processes that have already been defined for sales processes in other channels. Customers receive consistent information across all channels within mySAP CRM whether they interact with a sales representative, a call center agent, or a Web site to place their orders.


Anonymous said...

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