Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Modify BW-BPS Web Interfaces with JavaScript to Include Fixed and Scrolling Columns

Improve your scrolling abilities with JavaScript enhancements to Web interfaces. See the step-by-step process for preparing the Web interface and learn where to add the appropriate code.

Key Concept

The standard Business Planning and Simulation (BPS) interface toolset allows the insertion of JavaScript-based commands directly into the Web interface for customization. Existing BPS Web interface customization tools do not provide specific formatting capabilities for overall presentation. In the case of layouts presenting large numbers of columns and rows, the standard presentation does not allow certain columns or rows of a layout to be fixed (or “frozen”) and other columns or rows to scroll. The incorporation of JavaScript commands into the BPS Web interface allows you to customize the Web presentation to include enhanced scrolling capability.

SAP BW-Business Planning and Simulation (BPS) provides tools via transaction BPS_WB that allow you to customize BPS planning applications that you want to present to the end user via a Web session. SAP provides standard Web interface development tools such as function buttons, tab strips, and containers for specific objects. However, the standard solution does not provide a number of custom effects. You can achieve some of these effects by using JavaScript-based commands to enhance your scrolling abilities.

We’ll present a brief example to explain different scrolling capabilities and limitations and then show you the three phases of work you need to undertake to implement the capabilities you want to have. We’ll also show you the logic of the scrolling solution.

We have provided JavaScript commands in the code available at the Downloads section of You can easily incorporate these commands into most Web interfaces during the Web interface configuration. The use of this modification code technique is applicable to all BW-BPS Web Interface Builder functionality found within BW-BPS 3.5 through BW-BPS 6.0.

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