Wednesday, December 26, 2007

R/3 Can Be Your One-Stop Shop for BEx Web Reports

Power users or developers with the appropriate authorization can connect end users to their BEx Web reports within R/3. This allows end users to perform detailed reporting and analysis from their current SAP session.

Key Concept

The role menu Web item permits users to access a Web menu that organizes Web reports in the same way as the folders in BEx Browser. This design benefits open environments that have little to no security restrictions in BW. More secure environments can use this function as well, since they establish roles and profiles based on user function. By selecting specific roles, users see a customized, uncluttered view of all their reports.

BEx Browser goes unused at some organizations because it’s difficult to regulate authorization roles and profiles while completing daily activities. In R/3, users often are afraid to branch out and use advanced BEx reports because they want to remain in their R/3 comfort zone. Users with BEx access often see a huge list of roles and folders and are unsure which report to choose (Figure 1).

Users are more likely to take advantage of additional analytical tools in BW if they have easy access to them. By using the role menu Web item in Web Application Designer (Web AD) and the Favorites folder, analysts and business users can access BEx Web reporting and run reports in R/3. After you implement this procedure, end users can link directly to their specific roles and BEx Web reporting in R/3 or mySAP ERP Central Component (ECC). This technique works for BW 3.0 and Web AD 3.0 up to SAP NetWeaver 2004s.

I assume the following about your BW system: The roles are set up and a series of BEx Web reports exists that the end user accesses via BEx Browser, a portal, or an intranet.

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