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SAP XI How To Documents

  • How to Monitor Integration Processes - ccBPM (PDF 583.2KB) This guide explains the detailed procedure of using the transactions for monitoring the Business Process Engine to display detailed information about the status of a specific process or its individual steps. The guide also shows you how to use process monitoring in SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 (XI) and how you can access it.

  • How to Convert Between IDoc XML and Flat Files in XI.30 (PDF 277.9KB) Learn how to create a flat file out of an IDoc-XML by means of an ABAP mapping program and the J2EE File Adapter. You will also learn how to create an XI message in IDoc-XML format starting from a flat file representation of an IDoc.

  • How to Configure Message Level Security in SAP XI 3.0 (PDF 1.5MB) Learn the ins and outs of Message Level Security (MLS) between the SAP Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK) and the Integration Server (IS), part of SAP XI 3.0.

  • How to Monitor Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 (PDF 1.1MB) Learn how to configure monitoring for all SAP XI components. This document also describes best practices for many configuration topics involving the alert framework.

  • How to Scale Up SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 (PDF 1.5MB) Learn what the most likely scaled system architecture looks like, and read about a step by step procedure to install additional dialog instances. The guide also walks you through additional configuration steps and the application of Support Package Stacks.

  • How to Configure the IDoc Adapter (PDF 333.5KB) Learn how to configure your system to create an IDoc adapter in Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 to send an IDoc from SAP XI to the SAP backend system.

  • How to Sample IDoc Scenarios Within XI 3.0 (PDF 1MB) Learn how to apply adapter-specific identifiers, alternative identifiers, and header mapping in order to configure various IDoc-XI scenarios.

  • How to Correlate JMS (PDF 1.4MB) Learn to map asynchronous Java Message Service (JMS) messages to synchronous communication. In general, two scenarios are considered: sync/ async and async/sync.

  • How to Monitor Industry-Speak Scenarios (PDF 1.4MB) This how-to guide deals with the monitoring concepts that are available for the industry standard adapters within SAP XI 3.0. The different monitoring concepts are described in relation to the RNIF 1.1 protocol. However, the concepts are also applicable to RNIF 2.0 and CIDX.

  • How to Develop a Webservice Using NWDS and SAP XI.30 (PDF 479KB) Learn a step by step solution to develop a simple Web Service Application using SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio & SAP XI 3.0. This solution details all of the procedures involved in the process.

  • How to Migrate SAP BC Scenarios to SAP XI (PDF 725.6KB) Learn the needed steps to migrate from SAP Business Connector to SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure.

  • How to Set Up a Web Service-Related Scenario with SAP XI (PDF 970.5KB) Take a step-by-step tour of how a web service-related scenario is implemented in SAP XI 3.0, from the creation of entries in the System Landscape Directory through the configuration of receiver and interface determination in the Integration Directory.

  • How to Use BAPI Wrappers in Asynchronous Scenarios with ccBPM (PDF 310.3KB) Learn how an external application can communicate with R/3 via SAP XI 3.0 and cross-component BPM.

  • How to Create Modules for the J2EE Adapter Engine (PDF 673.3KB) This manual guides you through the development of a simple adapter module with the help of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

  • How to Use the Content Conversion Module in JMS Adapter (PDF 289.4KB) Learn how to convert XML files to flat structures and vice versa using the conversion module of the XI Adapter Framework. The guide also includes several sample configuration files.

  • How to Use the Mail Adapter (PDF 650.7KB) Learn some tips and tricks for using the mail adapter, such as how to send XI messages to a mail receiver or how to create XI messages from incoming mails.

  • How to Work with XI 3.0 Java Proxies (PDF 740.2KB) Learn about using Java proxies to connect applications with an XI Integration Server.

  • How to Use the XI 3.0 SOAP Adapter (PDF 863.1KB) Learn tips and tricks for using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), like how to use a SOAP adapter to connect XI to a web service client or a web service server.

  • How to Perform DBLook-ups from XI Utilizing J2EE JDBC (PDF 375.1KB) This document explains how to access an external database with the purpose of performing data look-ups from within an XI mapping.

  • How to Monitor and Analyze Errors in the Adapter Engine (PDF 2.8MB) This guide will assist you during error analysis of the SAP J2EE-based adapter framework. Learn the order in which you should analyze errors and the tools and assessments available.

  • How to Handle SLD and XI (PDF 282.6KB) Learn how SAP XI uses the System Landscape Directory (SLD) for different use cases. This document also describes two scenarios where you may have a separate SLD.

  • How to Handle Caches in SAP XI 3.0 (PDF 1.1MB) This guide provides an overview of information caches in SAP XI 3.0, including some troubleshooting tips for common problems.

  • How to Prioritize XI Messages on the Integration Server (PDF 381.1KB) Learn how the queue prioritization feature enables you to pick important messages and push them to their own queue, as well as push messages with low priority into a queue of their own.

  • How to Transport XI Content Using CMS (PDF 2.2MB) Learn how to install and manage the Change Management Service (CMS), part of SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI). CMS enables you to configure your transport landscape and manage the transport of objects between different systems.

  • How to Make Consistent Changes to Software Component Versions (PDF 318.5 KB) Learn where, how, and in which order Software Component Versions (SWCVs) must be changed or replaced to ensure consistency. This guide describes the main use cases and provides a step-by-step solution for each one.

  • How to Install and Configure External Drivers for JDBC & JMS (PDF 374.1KB) Learn how to install additional drivers on the SAP Web AS J2EE Engine. These drivers are required to communicate with a database or a messaging system that uses the SAP XI 3.0 Adapter Framework.

  • How to Use CMS in XI 3.0 (PDF 326.3KB) Learn how to plan and introduce CMS in an SAP XI 3.0 environment. This guide also points out particular issues you have to consider when setting up and using CMS.

  • How to Enable Single-Sign-On for XI 3.0 (PDF 495.4KB) Learn how to configure Single Sign-On. This guide applies to all SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) configuration and administration scenarios using the Integration Builder and the Runtime Workbench as well as the Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK).

  • How to Debug XI Applications (PDF 730.3 KB) Learn the required steps to debug applications connected to XI via a proxy framework to analyze problems within the receiving application.

  • How to Handle Acknowledgments for IDoc (PDF 835.8KB) Learn how to set up the processing of acknowledgments for IDoc messages that are sent via SAP XI 3.0.

  • How to Use ABAP Mapping in XI 3.0 (PDF 300.2KB) Learn how to enable ABAP mappings in SAP XI 3.0. It is possible to develop ABAP mappings in addition to the existing mapping types: message mapping, XSLT mapping and Java mapping.

  • How to Receive and Convert PDF Documents with SAP XI (PDF 534.8 KB) Learn how to create XI Interfaces and use the SAP Conversion Agent by Item field to automatically create sales orders in an ERP system to follow a request.

Integration Scenarios /Cross component

  • How to Push Data from BI to XI (PDF 1.1MB) This paper extends the Open Hub scenario significantly, by providing a technique which subsequently delivers the extracted dataset to the SAP NetWeaver PI system (aka XI) in XML format, using a custom process type that calls an ABAP proxy for data transport.

  • How to Push Data into BW from XI (PDF 1.2MB) Learn to send data from XI to BW with full Quality of Service (Exactly Once In Order). The solution is based on BW 3.5 and XI 3.0 which are both part of SAP NetWeaver '04.

  • How to Integrate Unified Worklist to XI BPM via Workflow (PDF 851.6KB) Learn how to trigger a BWF within ccBPM of XI, and to display the corresponding work item in the Universal Work List of EP and KMC.

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