Thursday, December 20, 2007

Layer SAP xApp Analytics on Top of SAP SEM for a Simplified Balanced Scorecard

You can streamline the user interface for Strategic Enterprise Management and Corporate Performance Monitor by adopting the Best Practice Scorecarding application, which is part of SAP xApp Analytics. You then can provide users with graphical views of their key performance indicators via a portal.

Key Concept

SAP xApp Analytics is delivered as part of mySAP Business Suite. SAP xApp Analytics provides analytics for both general-purpose and industry-specific business processes. FI or CO experts can easily deploy analytics based on predefined models. They can also customize the analytics, or even build new analytic applications, using the visual design environment of the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer tool. The Best Practice Scorecarding xApp is one of the finance-related models belonging to SAP xApp Analytics. It is a special-purpose application, addressing a visualization-related pain point of the current Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) tool. It does not fully exploit the system integration potential of the xApp family to which it belongs, as its main purpose is to communicate exclusively with SEM.

SAP’s Best Practice Scorecarding application, available to users since November 2005, is a portal-based user interface (UI) that provides instant views of various key performance indicators (KPIs). The Best Practice Scorecarding application is part of SAP xApp Analytics available in the form of downloadable Business Packages for SAP NetWeaver Portal. It provides a simplified method for users to assess their performance against the company strategy and goals. I’ll use an example to show you how to install and use it.

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