Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Expand Target Groups Using SAP BW Data in Segment Builder

Use mySAP CRM Marketing’s Segment Builder with SAP BW data to increase the analytical power of segment modelers. As a centralized repository for enterprise data, SAP BW allows you to access structured data covering areas beyond mySAP CRM, giving you more resources to better determine target groups.

Key Concept
Segment Builder is an application within mySAP CRM, integrated into Marketing Planner, that provides many functions and navigation features to create target groups (segments). It does so by combining and refining data from multiple sources, such as BW queries, InfoSets, and Marketing attributes.

It is essential for marketing analysts to gather and analyze customer data. This allows you to better understand customer needs and behavior. You can then easily use this information to build stronger customer relationships.

To provide meaningful products and services to their client bases, companies usually group their customers according to similarities of needs and characteristics. This process is called customer segmentation and results in target groups. You use target groups for marketing campaign planning, services proposals, or further segmentation and analysis.

mySAP CRM provides a tool within its Marketing application called Segment Builder. It is closely integrated with Marketing Planner, so you can directly attach target groups to marketing campaigns. You also could contact your target groups through channels such as phone calls or emails. Access Segment Builder via menu path SAP menu>Marketing>Segmentation of Business Partners>Marketing Segments>Segment Builder.

Did you know that by using SAP BW data within Segment Builder, you can expand the universe of data that you can use for segmentation? In my work I’ve found that using SAP BW data in addition to mySAP CRM data allows me to go beyond the borders of mySAP CRM to create more specific target groups. You also can apply the process you use for importing SAP BW data to incorporate data from many other sources (e.g., mySAP ERP Central Component [ECC] and legacy systems) into Segment Builder, which offers you many more target group options.

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