Thursday, December 20, 2007

Find the Best Leads and Uncover Potential Customers with Surveys

Surveys and questionnaires can be the best source of marketing information for your customer base. See how CRM Survey Suite allows you to create surveys and use them in a BI-CRM environment.

Key Concept

With CRM Survey Suite you can create HTML-based surveys that include selection boxes, drop-down boxes, and other design features that you can use to gather critical customer information. Delivered with standard SAP CRM 4.0 and SAP CRM 2005, it’s integrated with SAP CRM for business processes and SAP NetWeaver BI for analysis.

In customer-focused business environments, companies use surveys everywhere: How did you like our hotel? How are we doing at managing the company? What issue is most important to you in the upcoming campaign? The list goes on and on.

Surveys collect opinions and gauge satisfaction with a product or service provided from one group to another. In many cases, a survey is the only way a company can assess how it is doing and if it should change approaches or stay the course. You can use surveys with both your external customers as well as your internal customers (employees) — for example, an HR employee survey.

You can integrate surveys in most CRM functions, including complaints, call center functions (also using scripts), service orders, opportunities, leads, and marketing. I’ll focus on leads, which offer your first glimpse at a potential sale. To avoid spending too much time on bad leads, you need to qualify the lead. This is where a few critical questions can come in very handy.

Although the online help has some details about using CRM Survey Suite, an overview with information about its features and how it integrates with SAP NetWeaver BI is not readily available. First, using a marketing example, I’ll explain the business process for surveys. Then I’ll go over the main features of CRM Survey Suite, including Survey Builder. I’ll show you how to build a survey, maintain its attributes, link it to a lead, and test it. Finally, I’ll go over how you can improve how you analyze your survey data by storing it in SAP NetWeaver BI. You can use CRM Survey Suite with SAP CRM 4.0 and 2005; SAP BW 3.5; and SAP NetWeaver 2004 and 2004s.

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