Monday, December 10, 2007

Wanna Party ?

I might never have written this weblog but then the growing interest in the 'Party' across fellow SDNers and this particular post prompted me to formulate all that follows.

The Motivation:

The error in SXMB_MONI - Party and service not defined


The Scenario :

An IDoc to File scenario, only catch being that the Partner Type is 'KU'/'Customer'

The Development:

In IR, everything moves on as the basics for an IDoc to File scenario. I use the IDoc DESADV.DELVRY03 as the source and my intended target message is a File. Assuming that the corresponding DT, MT and an inbound MI for the file is created and the message mapping and its subsequent interface mapping is created, We move to the much awaited Configuration in ID.

Steps in ID:

1. Create a Party (File_Receiver)

While you create the party, provide the details of your R3 system with the scheme as ALE#KU and the Name your 'Partner Number'

Note: Partner Number is of length 10 so prefix '0' to adjust the same.


2. Assign the Business service (BS_SHABZ) to the party and create a receiver File adapter.


3. Assign your R3 BS under Service without Party.

4. Receiver Determination/Interface determination - The only thing new here is the entry for party in the Receiver System side.


5. Sender Agreement - No required in case of sending IDocs.

6. Receiver Agreement - Provide the Party for the receiver.


The Result:

Yes, this calls for a Party !!!!


Additional Read:

Have a look into the How to guide - Sample IDoc-XI Scenarios. The combination of that read and this weblog I guess will surely bring in a new insight to all of us.

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