Thursday, December 20, 2007

mySAP CRM Analytics Harnesses SAP NetWeaver BI Analytical Capabilities

mySAP CRM Analytics, a group of tools offered with mySAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver BI, can help you optimize your company’s customer data. Learn about the mySAP CRM extraction mechanism and delivered analysis tools you can use with your data. Then, explore the standard tool sets available, including customer analytics, product analytics, sales and service analytics, marketing analytics, and channel analytics.

Key Concept

mySAP CRM Analytics applies to the package of software tools that supports analysis of mySAP CRM data in SAP NetWeaver BI. These tools also help transfer SAP NetWeaver BI data back into mySAP CRM.

As mySAP CRM installations become more stable, many companies are focusing on how better to take advantage of their investment in CRM software and data. One way to do this is to leverage SAP NetWeaver BI’s analytical power to help make better decisions in relation to CRM business practices, such as marketing sales customer interactions and Web site design. mySAP CRM Analytics is the collection of SAP NetWeaver (mostly SAP NetWeaver BI) tools that help make the most of a mySAP CRM installation. These tools include data mining and other mathematics-based analytical applications, Analysis Process Designer (APD), and delivered applications developed with Visual Composer 7.0. These tool sets can help analysts uncover new business opportunities, improve how to target customers, and in general process information more efficiently.

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