Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SAP CRM Marketing On-Demand: Wave 3 and 4 Updates

Find out about the functionality available in SAP CRM Marketing on-demand, including updates available since SAP introduced it in May 2006. Also see how it relates to the functionality available in the on-premise SAP CRM.

Key Concept

With SAP CRM 2006s, companies can choose between SAP CRM on-demand (CoD) and the on-premise version of SAP CRM. Those who start with CoD have the option to migrate to the standard on-premise SAP CRM with minimal work and training. The functionality available in SAP CoD is a subset of the on-premise SAP CRM solution, which also includes integration to R/3 and SAP ERP Central Component.

As part of SAP CRM on-demand (CoD), SAP introduced SAP CRM Marketing on-demand in May 2006. The key marketing capabilities available in CoD include:

  • Campaign Management: Develop, execute, and measure campaign activities through inbound and outbound interaction channels

  • Segment Management via target groups: Discover and gain insights into customer segments, define segments, and manipulate and generate target groups.

  • Lead Management: Generate qualified leads, prioritize leads, and follow up on every lead to closure

  • Marketing Analytics: Understand the marketing effectiveness of a campaign by providing operational reporting and analytics capabilities

I will give an overview of each of these capabilities within Marketing on-demand, including updates in the wave 3 functionality that was released in February 2007 and planned enhancements for wave 4 in June 2007. Then I will go over the additional marketing functionality available if you choose to migrate to the on-premise version of SAP CRM. To learn about SAP CoD and the marketing concepts discussed in this article, refer to the CRM Expert articles listed in the “For More Information” sidebar.

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