Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What’s New with mySAP CRM 2005 Marketing: Coupon Management

Coupon Management, a new scenario in mySAP CRM 2005 Marketing, takes you from the preplanning stage of a coupon campaign to the post-analysis stage once the campaign is finished. See how Coupon Management allows you to offer coupon promotions to your customers.

Key Concept
The retail industry in the US and Canada has employed the Universal Product Code (UPC) since 1973. UPC is a 12-digit coding system designed to uniquely identify a product and its manufacturer. For a coupon UPC number, the first digit is the coupon numbering system number (always a 5 or 9). The next five digits make up the manufacturer ID, the next three digits the family code, and the next two digits the value code. The final digit is the check digit.

Prior to mySAP CRM 2005, most companies that offered coupons managed them using homegrown systems involving Microsoft Excel. Coupon Management is a new scenario in mySAP CRM 2005 Marketing that centralizes the process within mySAP CRM and allows you to integrate with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) to analyze your coupon campaigns.

This scenario helps you estimate how many coupons consumers will redeem for a given campaign. It also helps you determine the total cost of a coupon promotion by taking into account the face value of the coupon and estimated clearing house fees.

Coupons can introduce new products and attract more new buyers for existing products. They can also help you widen your product distribution, reduce product inventory, and stimulate quick sales.

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