Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Uncover New Insight into Your Customers with mySAP CRM Analytics

Find out how mySAP CRM Analytics, a group of tools offered with mySAP CRM 2005 and SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence to help you optimize your customer data. Learn about the mySAP CRM extraction mechanism and cross-application analysis tools you can use with your data. Then, explore the standard tool sets available, including customer analytics, product analytics, sales and service analytics, marketing analytics, and channel analytics.

Key Concept
mySAP CRM Analytics applies to the package of software tools that supports analysis of mySAP CRM data in SAP NetWeaver BI. These tools also help transfer SAP NetWeaver BI data back into mySAP CRM.

With mySAP CRM installations becoming more stable, many companies are focusing on how better to take advantage of their investment in CRM software and data. One way to do this is with mySAP CRM Analytics, offered as part of mySAP CRM 2005. mySAP CRM Analytics is a group of tool sets that includes data mining and other mathematics-based analytical tools. These tool sets can help you uncover new business opportunities and improve how you target your customers.

As you can see in Figure 1, mySAP CRM provides data to SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP BI), which processes the data and returns the analyses to mySAP CRM. This return of data from SAP BI to mySAP CRM is prevalent in many areas. It could be a simple feed of a target group generated by manual data analysis, or it could be the output of complex data mining algorithms run on millions of sales orders.

Extractors in mySAP CRM Analytics transfer data into SAP BI for analysis. I will provide an overview of the extraction mechanism from mySAP CRM, a brief discussion about cross-application tools that directly support mySAP CRM business processes, and then a little detail about each of the available analytical tools

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