Sunday, December 9, 2007

XI: How to... retrieve MESSAGE_ID from a BPM

This weblog is just a sum up of one of the recent discustion/questions on the XI forum on the possibilities
of retriving MESSAGE_ID from a BPM.

There are many times when we need Technical Context Objects like MESSAGE_ID in our BPM:

- we want to create a file with a message_id as it's name

- we need message_id to correlate request and response messages inside the BPM

Unfortunately some of those technical objecs (like message id for instance) are not available in the BPM
(you can't retrieve then in a Transformation step).

MESSAGE ID - XI forum thread

The only way to get them is to use additional mapping step in the Interface determination.

1. Let's suppose we have a simple BPM.


2. We've decided that we want to have incomming message ID in you of the fields of your abstract interface.
We create a Simple Java function to that will map the MESSAGE_ID to one of the fields of our absrtract interface.
3. The code of the simple java function:


Simple java code in graphical mapping - XI

4. We create mapping interface on the basis ot the mapping program that we've just prepared.

5. Now we have to add interface mapping to our interface determination step in XI Directory.


Then after we send the message we can easily see that we got MESSAGE_ID in our abstract interface (so in the BPM).
The message id is ready to be used in our integration process.


Hope this information will be usefull to some of you:)

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