Sunday, December 9, 2007

SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is SAP's enterprise application integration (EAI) software, a component of the NetWeaver product group used to facilitate the exchange of information among a company's internal software and systems and those of external parties. Like other NetWeaver components, SAP XI is compatible with software products of other companies.

SAP calls XI an integration broker because it mediates between entities with varying requirements in terms of connectivity, format, and protocols. According to SAP, XI reduces the TCO by providing a common repository for interfaces. The central component of SAP XI is the SAP Integration Server, which facilitates interaction between diverse operating systems and applications across internal and external networked computer systems.

XI is built upon the SAP Web Application Server.

First release of SAP Exchange Infrastructure was XI 2.0. Later on, releases 3.0 and 7.0 followed. From release 7.0 onwards, SAP Exchange Infrastructure has been renamed as SAP Process Integration.

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