Sunday, December 9, 2007

XI Error - Unable to convert the sender service to an ALE logical system

This time I'd like to show you the ways to eliminate the "Unable to convert the sender service to an ALE logical system" error
(one of the most popular in XI - more than 50 post dealing with it).

At first we should check if our Logical System Name is correctly maintained in the SLD:

a) go to the SLD - Technical system -> Client number -> Logical System Name
and make sure your business system name is there


Then we have import the LS name to the XI Directory:

b) go to your Business System -> Service -> Adapter Specific Identifiers (as shown below)


c) import the business system name from the SLD using the "Compare with SLD" button


Activate the changes and you can check your if your configuration works.

If still you face the same problem (as it was in my case) and your XI is <= SP10 then it might be someting else:

a) go to the TCODE: SXI_CACHE and check your Receiver Agreements

b) find the one that's causing the problem and check if the header mapping is visible (if you've configured it in your BPM)

c) if not... then probably you'll need to implement OSS note: 791181 (which deals with an error caused by a header mapping)

Hope this weblog might be helpful when dealing with that "strange" issue:)


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