Sunday, December 9, 2007

Alerts with variables from the messages payload (XI) - UPDATED

In this weblog I'm going to present how to configure Alerts to enable them to store variables from the XI messages
so that XI will give some more detailed description of the alert situation to the person responsible for processing alerts.

1. At first we can define a new alert - DELV_FRIK - using TCODE alrtcatdef:


- let's give the alert a description - the description can be a name of the process which will trigger the alert
because it will be visible it the Alert Inbox.

- we have to mark "Dynamic text" field


- then we have to add users - receivers of our alerts - fixed receivers for example


2. Then we go to the XI configuration part (Repository):

- add two steps to your Integration Process: Container operation and a Control step

- we also have to add a variable to the Container of the process (mine is: documentnumber - type - Simple Type)


- next we have to fill our variable with some data from one of our messages in the Container operation


- then we can proceed to the Control step to trigger our alert

- choose Alert category - add our new category defined in the "alrtcatdef"

- and fill the alert message field - the variable from the XI message should be added with the convention &variable&


- then start your process and take a look at the Alert Inbox (http://server:port/rwb or TCODE:ALRTINBOX)

- you can see that your Alert was triggered successfuly from your process


- if you click on the alert message you'll be able to choose the "long text" in which you'll find the text defined in the Control step


Now you can start using Alerts to inform users not only which process was processed with errors but also give some detailed description from the messages payload :)

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