Thursday, April 17, 2008

Setting-Up EarlyWatch Alerts

Set-up the EarlyWatch Alert for your systems and solutions. You can also set-up EarlyWatch Alerts per system or solution.


You have put systems in a solution.


  1. Choose the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.

  2. Choose the  Solution Monitoring  EarlyWatch Alert  tab in the Operations Setup area.

    Note Note

    To call a cross-solution display of the Setup EarlyWatch Alert, choose  Settings in the solution overview, then  Solution Monitoring  EarlyWatch Alert  .

    End of the note.
  3. Choose the Set-Up EarlyWatch Alert link.

    You go to the EarlyWatch Alert Administration.

  4. You can set-up EarlyWatch Alert monitoring data collection per system or solution, here.

  5. Select fields according to your requirements.

    EarlyWatch Alert Set-Up Settings





    The system collects monitoring data.

    If you do not set this flag, the system collects no data.

    Send to SAP

    The system sends your monitoring data to SAP.

    Only set this flag when you have set the collection to active.

    In EWAfS

    The monitoring service for EarlyWatch Alert per system is put in the monitoring service EarlyWatch Alert per solution.

    You can decide which EarlyWatch Alerts per system appear in your EarlyWatch Alert per solution.

    Day of the week

    You can specify the data collection day.

    The data collection day for EarlyWatch Alert per system and Early Watch Alert per solution, can vary.

    Retention time

    You can specify the retention time in days.

    After the retentio time, the EarlyWatch Alerts are saved.

  6. Save your settings.

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