Friday, April 11, 2008

How to Implement SAP NetWeaver - Part II

This is the second and final part of the two articles discussing SAP NetWeaver and some implementation considerations.

SAP NetWeaver implementation can be very challenging. In the first part of this article, I had mentioned that companies need to figure out areas where NetWeaver implementation will provide with the most benefits. SAP NetWeaver implementation should start in an area which will provide the higest ROI. We will discuss this later. Given below are some considerations for companies implementing SAP NetWeaver:

1. Business Benefits of NetWeaver - Before implementing companies should be clear of the business benfits they intend to derive from the netweaver implementation. Listing out the goals to be achieved is a good way to start. For e.g. creating a portal to provide all travel information & bookings for employees at one place.

2. Process Understanding - One of the most important principles of the NetWeaver implementation is clear understanding of the process. Even though SAP NetWeaver is a technology solution, it integrates the people and processes within. Better your understanding of the process, better will be the final implementation results.

3. Return on Investment - ROI is an important factor in any technology implementation. Things like costs involved, time taken for completion, and benefits which the company sees to be delivered over a time need to be looked into. Consultants these days can help in arriving at an ROI Return on Investment for SAP NetWeaver.

4. Senior Management Support - Senior IT Management can play a key role in the SAP NetWeaver implementation by ensuring internal project support. Most SAP NetWeaver project fail beacuse of lack of adequate support from senior IT management. It also helps if the organization is culturally aligned for the netweaver implementation. This cultural alignement is more or less driven through the top management.

5. SAP NetWeaver Implementation Team - The key players in the netweaver implementation project should be identified. Their roles, responsibilities, should be documented at the start of the project. Understanding each key players role throughly can later help in clear cut project accountability.

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