Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Customizing for Business Partner Creation from BW in SAP CRM


  1. In your CRM system, register the InfoObject DUNS Number 0DBDUNS_NUM as an identification object for the business partner.

Use transaction sm30 to maintain the table RSCRMEXTERN as follows:

    • Logical System: system name of the CRM system
    • InfoObject: 0DBDUNS_NUM
    • InfoObject: 0BPARTNER
    • ID Category: BUP001 (provided with the customizing of your CRM system)
    • Maximal allowed age of master data (in calendar days): for example 365 for 1 year
  1. Bear in mind that the D&B scenario is a B2B scenario. Therefore only companies and organizations are considered as business partner. To check if the ID category BUP001 is valid for organizations proceed as follows:
    • In your CRM system, use transaction sm30 to display the table v_tab039A.
    • Mark the row with BUP001 and click on the Details icon.

The Identificationtype should be relevant for organizations only.

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