Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Searching for Metadata


For you to be able to fully search in metadata, the search engine must be fully installed.

If the search engine has not been fully installed, the system generates an appropriate after entering a search term. You can either complete the installation of the search engine, or you can search for metadata using F4 help. However, this search process is limited to finding technical names, short and long texts for the objects.



In the navigation area of the metadata repository, choose Search in Metadata Repository.

If you are using the search function in a BW system with release 2.0/2.1C for the first time, you have to create the search index first. To do so, choose Extras -> Metadata Search -> Create Search Index. The search index is created in the background.

Enter the term in the Search term entry field.

You can search by description (title) or by the object’s technical name. The system makes a full text search of all the objects in the search index.

If you want to restrict the search, you can choose one of the following object types:



ODS Object


Choose Start Search.


You receive a list sorted according to object type /symbol, number, and technical name for activated objects and Business Content objects.

Leaving content frame

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