Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Creating InfoPackages


After matching your customer and business partner data to the D-U-N-S number D&B returns a CD with several files on it. To upload the D&B files into the corresponding InfoObjects, several InfoPackages are required. With InfoPackages you can control which data is uploaded and you can schedule the upload process. InfoPackages also contain information about the data structure of the files that you want to upload.

To prepare the upload process you create new InfoPackages.



1. Select transaction rsa1.

2. If Modeling is not already selected in the left navigation window, choose Modeling and then InfoSources.

3. Expand the tree Non-SAP Sources ® Data Provider ® External Market Data ® Dun & Bradstreet ® Dun & Bradstreet Master Data.

4. Expand the tree for the element where you want to create a new InfoPackage for example, the InfoObject Legal Status 0DBLGLSTAT.

5. Right-click on SAP Demo PC Files and select Create InfoPackage from the context menu.

6. Specify the parameters and save the InfoPackage.

For a detailed description of the InfoPackages required and their parameters, see

· Structure linkInfoPackages for Initial Upload and Structure linkInfoPackages for Repeated Upload for D&B Marketing Universe for SAP BW

· InfoPackages for Initial Upload (Optional) and InfoPackages for Repeated Upload for D&B Vendor/Customer Analytics for SAP BW

NoteThis is only relevant for the D&B Marketing Universe scenario.

The process of uploading D&B data is simplified significantly by using process chains. The process chains delivered by SAP enable the automatic upload of D&B master and transactional data. Creating and maintaining Infopackages and scheduling downstream activities is no longer necessary.

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