Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Components of the D&B Marketing Universe for SAP BW

The D&B Marketing Universe for SAP BW empowers you to analyze your own customer data together with information delivered from D&B.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Using the power of (1) you can interrogate standard reports available through the Workplace and the Business Information Warehouse query tools. These reports are available to various users within your organization through defined roles (for example, Campaign Manager or Marketing Analyst). This enables you to push the information to the relevant personnel in your organization.

Standard reports (2) are provided which operate on top of the BW Market Potential MultiCube which is composed of the standard Sales InfoCube and the new Marketing InfoCube. If required your administrators can also create non-standard reports to interface with the MultiCube and other SAP BW InfoCubes.

With standard reports you can target the marketing campaign (3) using the OLAP function to ‘slice and dice’ the data derived from the your own transaction system against that provided by D&B. By comparing your existing customers with the universe of potential prospects, you can identify and target the most attractive prospects.

The reports help you answer such questions as:

  • How high is your market penetration?
  • Which size of company (by sales or employees) provides you with the best business opportunities?
  • In which industry sectors are you most successful, and where is there further potential?
  • Are there industry sectors in which you are under-represented and that have excellent prospects?
  • What are highest spending customers like?
  • Who are your key prospects?
  • Which prospect companies most closely match your best customers?
  • Who are the customers that are most important to retain?

The answers to these questions will help you identify a target group for a marketing campaign. Your target group can comprise customers, customers and prospects, or just prospects.

You can then retrieve contact details (4) (addresses, telephone numbers and so on – the so-called tactical data) for the selected prospects from D&B. An automated process transmits the relevant D-U-N-S numbers to D&B, who will send back the associated contact details.

This data can then be imported into a SAP CRM application (5), standalone SAP BW system or 3rd party CRM application, for example to start a marketing campaign.

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