Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Procedure documentation Configuring Size of Data Packets and Frequency


To upload large sized flat files, the setting of the following parameters within the BW Customizing is important:

  • Size of data packets
  • Frequency

For data transfer into BW, the individual data records are sent in packets of variable size. Using the parameters for the size of data packets you can control how large a data packet typically is. If no entry is maintained, the data is transferred with the default setting of 10,000 Kbytes per data packet. Within BW Customizing you can increase this setting to 40,000 Kbytes or higher.

By specifying the frequency, you determine after how many data IDocs an Info IDoc is sent, or how many data IDocs are described by an Info IDoc. Choose a frequency of between 5 and 10, but not greater than 20.


  1. Open the customizing tree from the SAP Easy Access menu under the folder Tools
  2. ® Business Engineer.
  3. Double-click on BW Customizing and select SAP Reference IMG.
  4. Expand the tree BW Customizing Implementation Guide
  5. ® Business Information Warehouse ® Links to Other Systems ® Maintain Control Parameters for the data transfer.
  6. Change the parameters as required.

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