Friday, April 18, 2008

Session Change Modes


In the change mode:

· of the business process monitoring maintenance session, you specify the business processes and business process steps which you have created.

· of the business process monitoring Setup session, you specify the business processes and their alerts which you want to monitor.

· of the business process monitoring Monitoring session, you monitor the business processes and process the alert messages.


The screen is divided into three areas:

Left-hand column

Displays all the checks which you must perform to set-up the business process monitoring of your solution.

Business Process Maintenance session

· Business Processes - Overview

· Interface Overview

· Contact Data

Business Process SETUP session

· Solution Support Organization

· Business Processes

¡ BPMon:


§ Notifications

§ Steps (according to process steps set up)

Monitoring Types (according to the number of monitoring types selected)

Monitoring Transactions

Monitoring Activities


§ Generate Monitoring Customizing

¡ Interface Monitoring

§ Analyses and Monitoring tools

§ Monitoring activities

§ Notifications


· Data Collector Frequencies

· Local RFC Destination for Data Collection

· Monitoring Check Lists

· Cover Page

Business Processes MONITORING session

· Basic Settings

· Activation

· Business process


Any subitems of checks only appear when you have performed and saved the check. The subitems are partially preconfigured if the system has the necessary information.


Top right screen area:

Explains the use, background and procedure of the check.

To hide the documentation, move the frame.

Bottom right screen area:

The tables to be maintained by the check.

You can call the online documentation in the logon language, for the checks, with HELP (see SAP note: 789703).

End of Content Area

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